Automated & Professionally Branded SEO Reports

Our Report Mailing Tool automatically sends reports to clients at predetermined times of your choosing. Brand the reports with your own identity, colours, look and logo and impress your clients with professional, effective, and comprehensive SEO Reports.

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Automated Creation and Delivery

One of WebCEO’s most popular features is the Automatic Report Mailer Tool. Digital and online agencies, web marketing professionals, and SEO marketers subscribe to Web CEO so that they can use the tools WebCEO offers, but send SEO reports to their clients that show only their own company branding.

This tool allows you to customise SEO reports to show your own branding, logo, colours, and identity and insert your own logo, adjust the colour scheme and change the header and footer of your reports.

Your customised reports can be sent to clients as a:

  • Manual email (PDF or CSV file)
  • Automatic email on a set schedule (as a PDF file and cover letter)
  • Read-only online report (on your individual and custom-branded white label domain)
  • Shared to any Web CEO users
  • Shared to users of your white label domain

By integrating important SEO performance results into a single, custom- branded report, you will be able to send clients impressive reports – branded with your own company elements – about their SEO performance.

The reports your customers recieve will show results about the keywords you’ve researched and how their rankings have changed over time, information about their backlink profile, alerts to on-site SEO issues, social media buzz and more.

Automatic Report Mailing and custom branded reports are features that are available in all WebCEO’s subscription plans.

Agency Unlimited subscribers will also be able to give clients their own domain from where they can present online reports.

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Free 14 Day Trial

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Agencies and Corporate Teams

Scanning Schedules For Websites

Make your SEO planning and execution more efficient by automating your reporting.

Schedule website scans and report mails using WebCEO’s Report Mailing Tool.

Decide how often you would like your website scanned for SEO and we will perform the scans daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

The amount and frequency of scanning you can do depends on which WebCEO plan you’ve subscribed to.
Find out more by visiting our pricing page.

Schedule Your White Label SEO Report Mails*

Once you have set the amount and timing of scans for your client’s website, you can also schedule how often (and when) you want the reports mailed to them. Our Automated Report Mailing Tool allows you to customise the schedule for report sending.

Your clients’ reports can be sent on a schedule you choose. Select a custom SMTP so that customers receive their reports from your server. This feature is part of our full-service, closed circle white labeling capability.

You can also customise the accompanying cover letter with a personal message to each client.

* Not available to free-plan subscriptions

 White Label SEO Report Mailing Schedule

White-Labeled Reports

With our White Labeling service, you can publish live, online, and read-only SEO reports on a domain of your own choosing.

This gives clients a way to acces their SEO reports at anytime, from anywhere. Using the scanning times as a guide for a mailing timeframe, send clients login information for your custom domain that allows them to view up to date SEO reports.

Our options for white-labeling include the provision of one white-label profile for all of your clients or an individual profile for each of your clients.

Give your clients access to Web CEO’s project dashboard so that they can see changes as they happen – reassuring them that you are being fully transparent with them and show them how you get the results you do.

Retain clients using these whitelabeling services. When clients are given access to live reports and project dashboards, you give them the impression that the SEO tools they are seeing are ones developed by your company. This raises your credibility as an SEO service provider.  

Publishing reports on a custom domain will cost an additional $20.00 a month above the regular Agency Unlimited Service Plan cost.

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No obligation demo in English for
Agencies and Corporate Teams