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Our Keyword Research tool offers all of the most effective processes and techniques in a single location. Use our platform to get more insightful keyword suggestions and the research their efficacy to find the best phrases for your unique business. This Research Tool gives you the techniques that will help you improve site rankings.

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Included in WebCEO’s Keyword Suggestion tool

Effective & Perceptive Keyword Segmenting

Put keywords into your basket and separate them using tags so that they are segmented into keyword lists. Use these tags in WebCEO’s SEO Analysis Tool or in our Rank Checker.

Integration with an SEO Auditor and Rank Checker

After creating a killer list of keywords, use WebCEO’s Analysis Tool to help you optimise your landing pages and increase their rankings. This tool will track your keyword rankings on more than 370 global, national, and local search engines.

Google Search Console Keyword Suggestions

There might be unknown keywords bringing your site traffic that you don’t know about. You could add value to your keyword list by discovering long-tail keywords you hadn’t previously identified and our Keyword Tool’s Google Search Console will make sure you find them all.

Local SEO Keyword Ideas

If you’re not sure about how to find the right keywords for local search engines, use our Keyword Tool. It will help you build a keyword list in another language or make a targeted list of keywords best suited to any target location.

Analyse Competitor SEO

With our Keyword tool’s Spy on Competitors module, you can gather your competitors’ keywords – allowing you to add keywords they have identified as important to your own keywords list. Use this information to create an effective keyword strategy.

Keywords in a Single Location

You want to make sure that your site’s SEO is up and running as quickly as possible and logging into multiple sites to find keyword suggestions will slow you down. Our Keyword Research Tool finds the best suggestions from those sites and collects them for you so that your keyword list is streamlined and effective.

Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

The number of short and long-tail keyword suggestions for your page is infinite. Making sure that you’ve found the best of them is essential. This is why WebCEO’s Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is a highly useful tool for keyword research – it will provide you with all the information you need to improve your keyword list.