WEB CEO Pricing

From a freelancer to an SEO Agency, we’ve got you covered

All Plans Include, for No Additional Charge:

  • Google Analytics & Search Console integration
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile optimization check
  • Page Speed test
  • Competitor metrics
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automatic report emailing
  • Social media popularity analysis
  • Internal links optimization
  • Email alerts
  • SEO Roadmap
  • Dedicated support

Get Started With Using WebCEO on Your Site

What is the cost of the Agency Unlimited plan?
The Agency Unlimited plan will let you pay only for the resources that you use and thus minimize the monthly spend per site. Your monthly spend with the Agency Unlimited plan consists of the fixed service fee of $99/mo and extra scanning costs per data queries ($2.00 for an active project, $0.004 for one rank checker query, $0.0004 for 1 analyzed backlink). Please use the ‘Estimate your spend’ button under the Agency Unlimited plan column to estimate your monthly spend (discounts available).
Are there any discounts and special offers available at the moment?
We offer super-saver pricing in case you order more than one month of any subscription plan: Get 10% off with a 3-month subscription. Enjoy 25% off with the annual subscription. The Agency Unlimited plan has discounts for scanning costs; they vary from 10% to 37%, depending on the payment sum. Find out more by going to Main menu > Plans and Pricing and then clicking on the ‘Estimate your spend’ link. Contact support@webceo.com to subscribe for special offers and service updates.
Can I use WebCEO with my colleagues?
Yes, starting with the Startup plan, the WebCEO service allows you to share projects with colleagues and manage user roles. Go to the Users section of the top menu > User Manager to add a user.
Do you have video tutorials or other help files for the WebCEO Platform?
Yes, the WebCEO Help Center, available inside the WebCEO service, offers all kinds of information to help use WebCEO in the best manner. Apart from an FAQ section, it contains an SEO Roadmap, which gives comprehensive advice on how to promote your business online; PDF guides on White Label Domain implementation and WebCEO API references + video tutorials. You can also make use of SEO Checklists available within the service – they contain steps needed for proper search engine optimization and refer to and link to the WebCEO SEO tools you will need.  
How is the WebCEO cloud-based SEO Platform different from other services?
We did our best and created an unbiased review of WebCEO and other SEO tools in the industry, it’s here.
How do I cancel my WebCEO subscription?
You can downgrade to the Read-only plan or upgrade to any other plan anytime by going to Main menu > Billing & Subscription > Account Statement in your WebCEO account. After you downgrade to the Read-only plan, you will not be charged for the next month. Your current projects will be suspended, as well as all the scheduled tasks (including mailing). Your project history will stay intact though and you will still be able to view and manually download the existing reports.
What do you mean by unique keywords in Rank Tracker?
It is important to understand that different SEO tool providers mean very different things when they define the total number of keywords available for tracking. For example, let’s assume you target 1 keyword “pizza delivery” and 3 nearby locations in Connecticut, USA: Ridgefield, Bethel and Redding. This gives us 3 keyword combinations “pizza delivery + Google, Ridgefield”, “pizza delivery + Google, Bethel” and “pizza delivery + Google, Redding”. In the WebCEO Startup, Corporate and Agency Fixed plans, all these keyword combinations (no matter how many locations you select) are considered as ONE unique keyword. However, many other SEO tool vendors have a different approach. They would count the 3 keyword combinations from the above example as THREE keywords. So if you checked rankings for 200 keywords on 3 or 5 search engines, they might say you’ve used 600 or 1000 keywords and you’ve hit your limits with them really soon! With WebCEO, that would count as only 200 keywords (if used within the same project). We know how critical it is to track your keyword rankings on all local versions of the targeted search engines – that’s why we calculate unique keywords this way. We consider this an industry standard and recommend that all our customers pay special attention to local SEO and local keyword tracking.
What is an SEO Lead?
An SEO Lead is a potential customer you will get from providing an Express SEO Audit report, generated with the help of WebCEO. The report will show an overall SEO score for your prospect’s website and it will highlight site issues without providing too much detail. Instead of adding a new site to the main dashboard of WebCEO, the “audit” project you create in your SEO Leads dashboard will not cost you anything if you generate 5 or less per day ($0.49 per lead generated over the limit of 5 per day). The Leads project will show an all-in-one SEO audit report which includes data from several WebCEO tools: the SEO Analysis tool, Technical Auditor, Rank Tracker, Backlink Checker and the Web Analytics module.