Post-Penguin SEO Backlink Checking Tool For An Effective Backlink Profile

WebCEO’s industry-best Backlink Checker Tool will help you develop a backlink strategy that will successfully expand and reinforce your SEO and backlink profile. With Hummingbird accuracy as its primary guiding target, it finds and classifies toxic links that cause Google penalties while ensuring that your backlinks bring relevant value to your site. Our SEO Backlink Checker will also notify you of toxic links immediately – giving you the opportunity to react to them before they negatively affect your website’s SEO. 

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Included in the Web CEO Backlink Quality Check Tool

Backlink Reporting Widgets

Discover how many incoming backlinks your pages have, whether they’re from diverse domains, how valuable they are, and whether they’re toxic using our backlink quality widgets. Set them to notify you of any changes to your link profiles and react to any negative changes as they happen.

Compare Competitor Link Profiles

A strong backlink strategy could be the difference between a competitor’s success and your own. Ensure that yours is stronger by comparing how many backlinks there are, the amount of diversity in them, see how many high quality .edu and .gov links there are, and how many nofollow links there are. See where your competitors link profile is weak and make sure you aren’t leaking link juice in the same area.

Optimise High Quality Linking Pages

The more backlinks a page has, the higher its ranking. The higher the ranking, the more visitors it will receive. Use our Backlink Quality Checker to find out which of your pages has the highest number of backlinks so that you can optimise them to attract, convert, and retain traffic.

Track and Review Link Texts

Search engines use link texts to find our what your website is about. You need to know what the texts are so that you know how search engines are classifying your website. Our Link Text Tracker ensures that your link texts don’t get classed as spam by matching too often.

Domain Link Diversity Analysis

Search engines prefer it if you have 1 link from one hundred domains instead of one hundred links from one domain. Our Domain Link Analysis report will show how diverse your linked domains are and whether they are diverse enough to add authority to your web page.

Linking Page Analysis Reports

Your incoming links are collected by Majestic. Our Linking Pages report collates the information from Majestic to provide you with a detailed list of all incoming links. This way, you can use Domain Trust Flow and other checking services to keep worthwhile links and exclude others.