Our SEO Analysis Tool provides comprehensive website audits and SEO reports.

Use this tool to anaylse your website’s SEO and use that information to improve its search engine visibility and friendliness. You will be able to build effective keyword strategies for individual landing pages – allowing you to take full advantage of the Hummingbird Algorithm used by Google. These tools work for your mobile site too.

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WebCEO’s SEO Analysis Tool Includes

SEO DIY Checklist

Using an easy to follow checklist for implementing effective SEO, you will improve your web marketing strategy. A detailed step-by-step DIY process makes it easy for you to optimise your site and shows you how best to make WebCEO work for you.

Speed Test Your Landing Pages

Slow page load times will negatively affect your website’s success. If visitors feel like they are spending too much time waiting for information, they’ll move on to site that loads faster and that may mean losing a customer to a competitor. WebCEO offers a landing page speed test that identifies what features are slowing your pages down so that you can fix them and retain traffic to those pages.

Integrated Keyword Research Tool

Our SEO Analysis tool pulls keywords that have already been under analysis from our Keyword Research Tool – allowing you to allocate them to specific landing pages. This integration makes it easier for you to optimise each page effectively and according to a page-specific strategy.

SEO Reports For Landing Pages

With WebCEO, you get detailed landing page reports when you use our SEO Analysis Tool. In-depth information gathered in each report will alert you to critical issues, advise you on how to fix them, and show you how to avoid Google penalties. Along with the report, we provide informative tips and techniques that allow you to audit landing pages for mobile-friendliness, analyse your URL structure’s effectiveness, and check that you have Schema and Open Graph markups.

Simple Checklists For SEO

With our SEO Analysis Tool, you gain access to a powerful feature: A checklist that allows you to follow step-by-step SEO instructions and then check them off when completed. This feature will separate your page issues into “Critical Issues” and “Consider Fixing” lists so that you can determine what needs immediate fixing. All you need to do is follow the instructions in our “How to Fix” box.

Landing Page SEO Comparisons

See which landing pages are optimised and which ones need work by comparing them to each other. WebCEO’s SEO Analysis Tool does this by giving each landing page a score, determining how many SEO problems it has, ranking its mobile search engine optimisation, testing its loading speed, giving it an average Google ranking, and gathering its traffic numbers.

Mobile Optimisation Tools

Mobile SEO is as important as standard SEO, which is why you need to be able to analyse any issues that may impact the performance of landing pages on mobile search engines. Our auditing tools also show you how to fix issues and, using our Rank Checker tool you will be able to keep track of your mobile SEO.

Monitor On-Site Optimisation

With WebCEO’s SEO Audit Tool, you are able to run audits of your website frequently. This allows you to check its search engine friendliness, make sure that there are no unrecognisable URL characters, follow up on whether your Robot.txt file, ensure that your xml sitemap is correct, and that there are no duplicate content issues in your titles, headings and tags.