What is the best way to use our SEO tools API?

For emerging and startup web businesses looking for a value add service offering, Web CEO’s cloud SEO tools are essential. Usin our API, they have been designed to integrate seamlessly into their products or services. 

SEO and SMM Agencies and Marketing Tool developers can build our API into their applications in order to build branded SEO reports and monitor the SEO activity and analytics of their clients’ websites. 

CMS Developers are able to build their own tools or integrate our widget into their CMS interface, which will show SEO data obtained via API so that they can keep an eye on clients’ SEO and resolve any issues that may arise. 

For Web Hosting companies, our API allows them to add  high-quality SEO tools to their product packages where they can implement automatic authorisation of clients into the SEO tools and allow them to manage users with access. 

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How do you use Web CEO’s API?

Before you can use our SEO Tools API, you need to have signed up for one of our paid subscription plans. Our API can be used by anyone with some basic programming knowledge using a service or software that is able to implement the API. 

Once you have signed up for a plan, you will need to learn the parameters and commands that govern API requests for SEO data. We provide you with all the documenation needed for this. You will then need to generate an API key.

With the Web CEO API, you can remotely manage reports and start scanning for keyword rankings, backlinks and site errors.

You will able be able to remotely manage the custom domain that you have deployed to run custom branded SEO tools. You will be able to add and delete users, share projects with them and set access levels.

What is the WebCEO API?

The Web CEO API is available to Agency Fixed and Agency Unlimited subscribers of the Cloud-based Web CEO SEO tools platform.

API provides you with the ability to remotely access – from software, a web service or a website – SEO data generated by your Web CEO account. It allows you to:

  • Create new projects;
  • Manage your projects remotely;
  • Export results into an application or service (in JSON format);
  • Combine SEO data to develop your own SEO tools;
  • Provide branded SEO reports to your clients;
  • Configure your white label SEO tools.

No credit card required.
Free 14 Day Trial

No obligation demo in English for
Agencies and Corporate Teams