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To ensure that your website’s presence is as effective as possible, you need to be able to monitor its reach on social media using a social media strategy. In order to put together a good social media strategy, you need to monitor your brand on all the popular social channels and use the information you gain to gain insight into your audience engagement. Our Social Media Analytics allow you to observe your social mentions and track your social media traffic on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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This tool includes:

Facebook Reports

WebCEO’s Page Metrics and Demographics Metrics reports will give you all the information you need to improve your Facebook marketing plan. In addition, we provide a Niche Popular Posts report that will help show you trending topics that are relevant to your industry, website and brand.

Widgets For Social Media

Our Social Media Analytics widgets will help you improve your social media activities and keep track of their progress over time.

Analyse Social Media Traffic

If you don’t monitor the effectiveness of your social media activity, you won’t know if you are doing enough to pull targeted traffic to your website. Our tool will allow you to stay on top of your social media activity so that you can refine your social strategy to drive more traffic to your site.

Competitors Popularity Tracking

Monitor how your competitors behave on social media using our Social Media Analytics Tool and use the information to determine what their strategy for social media popularity is. Use the information you find to create an effective strategy for your own popularity.

Social Media Engagement Tracking

Track activity on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodle+, and Pinterest to find out what content is being linked back to your landing pages and incorporate the results into your social media strategy.

Reputation Management

Enter companies and brands that are relevant to your business and necessary for you to track into our Social Media Analytics tool and you will never miss a conversation that might be important or miss the opportunity to use a conversation to boost your online reputation.

Track Your Industry

Use our Web Buzz Tool to choose keywords that are industry specific so that you can monitor your industry’s news and ensure that you are always up to date on the latest industry news, developments and hot industry-related topics.