Add new elements to your marketing strategy by analysing vital Web Analytics Data

WebCEO gathers important analytics data from your connected Google Analytics account and other performance analytics. This allows you to have a better understanding of how your web marketing strategy is performing.  WebCEO also collects keyword ranking analyses, backlink data, social media analytics, customised marketing goals, and data from Google updates – allowing you to keep track of your website’s performance.  

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With Web Analytics You Get:

Customisable PDF Reports

Make your WebCEO SEO reports your own by customising their look and feel to match your company’s own branding and keep your identity consistent across all channels and elements.

Compare Competitor Traffic Data From Alexa

Your competitors won’t voluntarily hand over data about their web traffic, but WebCEO’s Web Analytics tool aggregates their data from Alexa. This means that you can compare up to six competitor site traffic numbers with your own and see where you stand in comparison.

Login to Google Analytics Efficiently

Each of your customers has a different login for Google Analytics. Sorting through them every time you want to login is time consuming and frustrating, but WebCEO’s Web Analytics tool will remove this problem for you. You only need to connect your client’s Google Analytics account to your WebCEO account once and we will gather all your clients’ Google Analytics data for you.

One Location For Google Analytics and SEO Data

WebCEO collects your marketing, SEO and Google Analytics in one place. This means that you need only look at your WebCEO account to see Google Analytics data, keyword rank reports, backlink insights, competitor metrics, and more for each of your clients.