Technical Site Audits Find Technical Issues Like Slow Load Speeds and Link Breakages.

WebCEO’s Technical Audit Tool analyses your website and gathers information about issues that could be affecting your SEO, including broken links or anchors, loading speed issues, problems with servers, lost images, and unreachable landing pages. Make WebCEO run audits often so that you are instantly  alerted via email about any problems or issues that need immediate action. 

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Web CEO’s Technical Audit Tool Includes:

Brand Your Reports

Keep your brand identity consistent across all channels and communications by customising your reports with company logos, colours and other design elements. The Technical Audit Tool also allows you to to schedule dates for report sending in advance.

Simple Tips To Fix Technical Issues

After WebCEO alerts you to any technical website errors, we will provide you with step-by-step, simple instructions on how to fix each error so that your site is as effective as possible.

Custom Checklist For SEO

One of the advantages you’ll have when you sign up for WebCEO is access to our Help Center. This is where you will find an easy-to-follow roadmap that takes a singular approach to website marketing, site maintenance, and future effectiveness. If you make full use of it and follow the step laid out in it, your website will have the highest level of search engine optimisation.

Page Usability Analysis

With our Technical Audit Tool, you can analyse how user friendly your website is. Ensuring that your site doesn’t have slow loading pages, missing images, or broken links will prevent you from losing valuable visitor traffic.

Automated Quality Checking

Make sure your rankings stay consistent by automating quality checks of your website. Stay informed about site errors and usability issues by setting the tool to perform daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting periods.

Run Technical Site Audits

WebCEO can analyse each of your website’s pages and provide you with a detailed report that will show you if your site has any technical errors, broken links and anchors, server issues, and missing pages.